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Super Movers Commitment ​full service moving packing loading and unloading in Atlanta



We understand NO-ONE REFERS MOVERS for obvious reasons.

·         Moving companies are dishonest, and the movers have horrible work ethic

·         Moving companies have poor customer service, and have been known to steal

·         Movers honestly; Look, Smell, and Act in a manner that no one wants them around

"I chose to devote myself to this industry because I see a need for a REFRESHING face in relocation."

Let’s face it! The moving industry is “grunt work”. I know this, we all know this! Moving companies definitely know this, therefore their hiring pool is limited to the “Not So Good Guys”. Their training is at minimum under par for the new hires. “John” could be flipping burgers one day and moving your home the next.

Super Movers is equipped and committed to improving the customer experience through convenience, hospitality, and tenacious work ethic. We provide full service moving packing loading and unloading in Atlanta

The Objective

Super Movers is not trying to re-invent the wheel, we are going to revolutionize it!


·    Need #1: Improve the way employees, trucks, and the whole company is perceived

·    Need #2: Improve upon weaknesses in proper training and techniques of how to handle actual furniture

·    Need #3: Improve pricing, sales strategy and stop the excessive gouging of customers

·    Need #4: Eliminate slow, weak, uncoordinated, unorganized, and for lack of a better term “crappy” workers    

The Opportunity


·    Goal #1: Paying Top Salaries and Maintaining a Ruthless Standard for all Super Movers and CSRs by:

A: Requiring a clean, crisp uniform every day or that employee will be sent home with a Verbal Warning immediately.

B: Requiring every truck be spotless every day by: Sweeping the cab/box, cleaning all equipment, and having items in their proper place -or be penalized by the Foreman.

·    Goal #2: Integrate cross training with ALL employees:

A: Meaning, CSR’s go on actual moves to see how we operate and occasionally assist with the guidance of the Foreman. Movers are required 5 hours training per month with a Sales Manager to better understand the sales aspect Super Movers. This ensures movers deliver what the CSR promises.

B: All Super Movers are required 5 hours of Rigorous Training by Foreman and CEO on the most common items in an average 2500sqft home. Furthermore, movers are tested and graded by safety, effectiveness, and time it takes to complete the task. -Movers who do not pass-Do Not Work.

·    Goal #3: Monitor sales volume, return rates, and customer satisfaction metrics for 6 weeks following training



We look forward to working you. We are confident that we can meet challenges ahead, and stand ready to partner with you as Atlanta's best local movers, long distance movers, and any local Moving in Atlanta.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at your convenience by email at or by phone at 404 500 8545 (Office).